5 Stunning Designs for Driveway Wrought Iron Gates That Increase Safety and Appearance

Contrary to popular belief, safety and attractiveness are not always mutually exclusive. There are numerous ways to boost the aesthetics and security of a place while using the same architectural elements. An ivy-covered porch railing or side gate is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Adding decorative flourishes to your property is the ideal solution if you need to upgrade protection by purchasing a driveway gate.

Driveway gates are an option for increasing both the aesthetic appeal and security of your home or business. Which styles would complement your house the most? It all relies on your present architecture, curb-facing design, and personal style. Let's look at our top five choices for the most aesthetically pleasing and functional wrought iron driveway gate designs.

1. Family Crest or InitialsFamily Crest or Initials

Many different styles of homes can benefit from the elegant touch of wrought iron accents. You can put the initials of your family on each gate or spell out anything along the front of your house, like some family estates with the last name initials written in cursive on the gate. In addition to giving your home a look that is unmistakably yours and protecting your home, swooping cursive alphabetic or even just printed in a particular font can give your home a look that is truly one of a kind.

2. Central Baroque Blossoms

The baroque style has always been a popular way to customize iron bars. Many of the most stunning examples of fencing and gates throughout history feature graceful arcs and intricate spirals. Choosing a complex pattern to attract attention to the center of each gate is a visually appealing approach to applying the baroque style. You could use baroque flowers, either of the same design or a mix, to spruce up the exterior of your home.

3. Multi-Panel Ironwork

A design may require more than one gate to complete. Custom gates can unify a facade design. The transition from one exquisite iron design to the next may do wonders for the visual impact of adjacent gates. Design a flowing gate set to add a one-of-a-kind artwork to your home's decor.

4. Iron Shutters

Iron shutters offer both privacy and protection. Although they need not be completely impenetrable, iron shutters should be strong enough to withstand the elements and allow the homeowner to lock the gates. Intricate vine work, mosaic tile patterns, and geometric designs are all viable options for adorning slats.

Victorian Steampunk5. Victorian Steampunk

Gates of the Victorian style are still highly regarded for their combination of protection and aesthetic appeal. Whether you're a fan of the Victorian aesthetic or the innovative spirit of the steampunk era, gates inspired by this time may be a charming addition to any house.

How can you ensure the safety of your family while still making your house more aesthetically pleasing? Contact Elite Wrought Iron Gates to discuss your home's design, vision, and handmade iron gates. Our goal is to improve the aesthetics and safety of your house. Contact us for more information!

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