6 Interesting Facts About Wrought Iron Gates

Interesting Facts About Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought Iron Gates are the most common gates across the world. They can be found in various locations such as homes, commercial properties, schools, hospitals, and hotels, among others.

However, as beautiful and popular as they are, there are still some facts about them that people ignore. Today, we want to share them with you.

1. There is not only one type of Wrought Iron Gate.

There are many different types of wrought iron gates. Some are hand-forged, and others are manufactured in a factory setting. Each type has its unique qualities and advantages.

Hand-forged wrought iron is more durable and sturdy than factory-produced wrought iron, and it is generally cheaper to produce. Wrought-iron gates are unique because the blacksmith shapes and pounds the iron, which becomes pliable.

2. Not everyone can install a Wrought Iron Gate.

Wrought Iron gates are not an easy material to work with, and professional installation requires the expertise of a qualified contractor. Incorrect installation can lead to significant problems in the future, like broken welds or damaged metal.

3. They are long-lasting.

A wrought-iron gate will cost a bit more to install, but once done, it is durable and long-lasting. This material can withstand large livestock, strong weather conditions, and insect infestations. This makes it a smart choice for homeowners looking for added security. Moreover, the presence of a wrought iron gate on a property can increase its resale value. That means you can sell your home for a higher price than before.

4. They will give an aesthetic and modern touch.

While wrought-iron fences and gates are more expensive than wood fences, the aesthetics are worth the extra price. These fences can be a good investment for your home.

The added security and privacy they provide are also worth the extra money. Furthermore, wrought iron fences are also easy to customize. So, whether you are looking for a modern design or one with a traditional look, you can be sure that the iron gate you choose will fit the place.

5. They do not need much maintenance.

While wrought-iron gates are often associated with old elegance and class, they are also incredibly durable and can add a rustic charm to contemporary spaces. Typically, much ironwork has been neglected and left to rust. While ironwork doesn't need as much maintenance as wood, it should still be checked periodically for signs of wear and tear.

6. They have a long history

The use of wrought iron for tools and weapons was established in China, India, and the Mediterranean by the third century BC, and it started to replace bronze in Asia Minor in the second millennium BC. The main benefit of iron was simply that it was far more readily available in nature than copper and tin. For many centuries, wrought iron was still employed to make both the numerous instruments of peace and the weapons and armor of war. It first appeared in building construction in the 19th century, when its superiority to cast iron for horizontal beams was due to its strength under tension (resistance to tearing apart). Wrought iron was mostly used for decoration in the 20th century.

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