Debunking Myths About Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought Iron Entryway Gate

Wrought Iron Gates have become more popular among homeowners due to their durability and beauty, providing security and elegance to every property. However, wrought iron is one of the oldest materials available, which has resulted in the development of a few myths about it over time, sometimes keeping people away from it. Today we will reveal the truth about these myths so you can enjoy the many benefits wrought iron has to offer without worrying about anything.

"They Are Too Expensive"

One of the most popular myths about wrought iron gates is that they are expensive. Most people believe that wrought iron gates are far more expensive than other gates. However, this is not the case. Wrought iron gates are not as costly as wood or vinyl gates when compared dollar for dollar. While wood or vinyl gates need to be replaced and maintained frequently, wrought iron gates have a long lifespan and require little to no care. As a result, there is no need to be concerned about the cost of wrought iron gates.

Wrought Iron Pool Fencing"Wrought Iron Must be Ornate"

In the past, wealthy landowners sought to show off their wealth by purchasing gates with ornate decorations like curves, medallions, and finials. Because of that, many people believe that all wrought iron must be ornate. While such a decorative fence is still available, there are numerous wrought iron fencing styles to choose from. You can pick a contemporary or plain gate if that's what you're looking for.


“They are Too Much Maintenance”

Some people believe that wrought iron fencing would demand regular care and maintenance. This is not true, wrought iron fences, like many other fencing materials, do require some annual care, but that's it.

Wrought Iron is a tough material that can withstand the rigors of daily living at home without breaking down. It can withstand snow, ice, wind, rain, and other weather conditions, and it doesn't require any more care or maintenance than any other ordinary fence material.

“Wrought Iron Gates Rust Easily”

Many people believe that rust will always be an issue with a wrought iron gate. While it's true that wrought iron rusts, it's also true that precautions are made to prevent this. Wrought iron gates used to rust easily, but this is no longer an issue because they are treated at the factory to avoid corrosion.

“They Do Not Provide the Necessary Security”

In this day and age of high-tech security measures, many people assume that a wrought iron gate can't possibly provide the necessary protection. Wrought iron gates, however, provide more security than many security elements. A robust wrought iron fence can prevent a crime whereas high-tech security gadgets can only detect it. It is the best approach to safeguard your home or property. Besides, spikes or spears can be installed on top of the wrought iron gate as part of the customizing choices to increase security. As a result, you will never have to be concerned about security once you install such a gate.

Now that you know the truth about these myths, and if you are interested in getting Wrought iron Gates or Fences, you can get the best at Elite Wrought Iron Gates. We are the best Wrought Iron fencing Company in Riverside County. Get started today!

Why You Should Install a Wrought Iron Driveway Gate

Custom Wrought Iron Driveway Gate

One of the best ways to improve your driveway while also making your home more secure is getting a wrought iron driveway Gate. Its material is both resistant and beautiful which makes it the best solution for you. But it also brings more good things with it that you will surely enjoy. Here are 6 reasons why you should install a Wrought Iron Driveway Gate.

  1. Convenience

One of the most convenient ways to manage the entrance to your house is to use driveway gates. Installing a wrought iron gate over your driveway increases the amount of control you have over who enters. Another advantage of having a gate across your property is that it may serve as a barrier to keep dogs and children inside safely.

If keeping strangers out and safeguarding your property is a top issue for you, consider installing a wrought iron entry door alongside your driveway gate. This gives an extra line of security.

  1. Long-Lasting

The strength of a wrought iron driveway gate is the most important factor to consider. Wrought iron driveway gates are very resistant to extreme weather, dents, bending, and other types of damage that may occur over time. As a result, they are unquestionably preferable to wood or vinyl gates, which may be less expensive but provide less protection against intruders or severe weather. Wrought iron gates can be seen in old villas or residences built 20 or 30 years ago and yet stand firm in the face of adversity.

  1. Protection from WildlifeWrought Iron Gates

Many homeowners have to deal with nuisance pests such as rabbits, deer, foxes, and even coyotes which pose a threat to their property. A driveway gate prevents animals from entering your property and causing damage to your landscaping.

  1. High-Quality Crafting

Wrought iron driveway gates are crafted with unmatched ability and craftsmanship, so you can be confident that you're receiving a good product. The forging process uses specific equipment and processes to create a completed product that exhibits extraordinary skill and workmanship. Wrought iron gates are known for their precision and craftsmanship.

  1. Set the Style for Your House

A high-quality wrought iron driveway gate can elevate your driveway's beauty and distinction. Because the driveway is one of the first things that pedestrians and visitors notice, having it as completed and well-kept as possible may considerably improve the curb appeal of your home. A gate over your driveway establishes the tone for your property as a well-kept, safe, and sophisticated environment.

  1. Increase the Resale Value of your Home

Because of all of the benefits that a wrought iron gate over your driveway can provide, it may raise the total value of your property. A high-quality driveway gate can be a desirable feature. While it is not guaranteed to raise the value of your house alone, it is likely to do so when combined with a well-maintained property.

  1. Powder Coats for a Long Lifespan

When we manufacture your custom wrought iron gate, we power coat the wrought iron to help preserve the iron steel and metal gates. Because of the powder coat used, this makes our wrought iron gates long-lasting! Meaning, you don’t have to deal with any rust, rotting or broken fences or gates.

As you see, a Wrought Iron Driveway Gate comes with many benefits for your home and family, and the best way to get exactly what you want is by working with a reliable and skilled company.Elite Wrought Iron Gates is your best choice in Riverside and surrounding areas. Visit our website or contact us for more information!

Tips For Choosing The Best Custom Wrought Iron Gate For You

Wrought Iron Fence Contractor

Choosing a custom wrought iron gate is an important part of completing your home's overall look. This decorative fence will make a statement about your style and can add a dramatic element to the landscape of your property. But before purchasing a wrought iron gate, it is important to understand what you want and why you want it, that way you and the company of your choice can create the best custom wrought iron gate for your home. So here are some tips to consider before choosing.
It’s crucial to establish your budget before making any decision, a custom wrought iron company will work with you to determine the options and designs better when they know how much money you're investing in it. The gate's durability can only be ensured if it is installed and made appropriately. In other words, don't go with the cheapest option. Look for quality to ensure that your money isn't wasted.
One of the most important factors to consider when buying a custom wrought iron gate is the type of gate you want. There are many different types of wrought iron gates, and each design has different qualities that make them unique. When choosing a gate, remember to choose one that matches your home's style. You can choose from the traditional or contemporary wrought iron gate. Choosing local companies is a good option since you can communicate with them and get design advice. There are many aspects to consider with de design such as the listed before:

  • Size

Another factor to consider is the size of the gate you want to purchase. A custom gate will fit the entranceway of your property perfectly. A smaller gate will give more room for landscaping. A larger gate will look great and add security to your home. When selecting a custom wrought iron gate, you should choose a size that is perfect for your property.

  • Functionality

The functioning of a gate is a major consideration for most wrought iron fencing businesses when designing and installing a gate. Why are you installing the gate? Whether is for security, to increase your home appeal, for privacy, or even the three of them.
Establishing this will help to decide the kind of gate you want, one that lets you see through or one that blocks the view.

  • Ornamentation

The original wrought iron fencing is extremely detailed. Scrolls and pickets are used to create a variety of patterns on these gates. There are even ornate finials, medallions, and other decorations on display. All of these ornaments are still available, especially if you go with a custom wrought iron company. On the other hand, you can scale the ornamentation back to straight pickets and spearheads if that’s what you want.
Look for pictures
Look at the pictures on the page of the company you're considering hiring for examples of the same fence or installation place you'll be considering for your gates. This will help not only as inspiration and an example of how your gate would look but as to see the quality of the work.  Which is important to know before choosing.
Here at Elite Wrought Iron Gates and Fencing, we are qualified to meet and exceed your needs, contact us for more information.

Benefits of Custom Wrought Iron Gates and Fencing

When deciding about your house´s look and safety the fencing or gate material is something important to consider, you want something that is durable as well as aesthetically appealing and matches the rest of the house, and that´s exactly what a Custom Wrought iron gate and Fencing can do for you and your home. But it doesn´t stop there, listed below are some more of the benefits of having a custom wrought iron gate and fencing.
Wrought iron fencing is mainly made of iron with a little amount of carbon added, making it both durable and bendable enough to be used as fencing. As a result, one of the most notable benefits of wrought iron is its durability. An original wrought iron fence can be found in properties that are over a century old, especially if they are well-maintained. These fences are also supported by concrete or brick, allowing them to survive harsh weather that might destroy other forms of fencing.
Security and Privacy
Your wrought iron fence or gate can provide lots of privacy and security depending on the style and height you pick. When paired with elaborate landscaping, wrought iron fences with intricate patterns conceal the view of your house from afar (If that is what you want)
A Wrought iron fence is also very secure since it is difficult to climb and practically impossible to break through. If you want to increase the security of your home with your wrought iron fence, go for one that is tall and has closer spacing between the posts.
Adds Elegance and Value
Aside from the functional advantages of wrought iron gates, it also has a timeless charm that increases the appearance of your home. Wrought iron is the only material that can provide your home with the same level of elegance.
Wrought iron gates may improve the beauty of your home's façade, as well as raise its ‘street appeal' and serve as a focal point for the entire property. Intricate curves, spirals, and classic columns may also give a sense of luxury to your home.
Low Maintenance
Although wrought iron fences and gates can be more expensive than other materials, the low maintenance costs make this material a popular choice among homeowners. Wrought iron, unlike other fence materials, is less susceptible to physical deterioration, requiring less maintenance. And while it’s hard to truly damage a wrought iron fence, if it does suffer a bit of wear and tear or a part gets damaged, it’s doubtful that you’ll have to replace the entire fence as small parts are usually easily repaired and/or replaced.
It's customizable.
Designing your wrought iron fencing or gate not only gives a personal touch to your home's decor, but the malleability of wrought iron also allows you to fully capture your home's distinct personality. Complex curves, spirals, scrolls, ornate insets, and elaborate patterns may add interest and improve the beauty of your home. You'll get a one-of-a-kind look that's nearly hard to achieve with conventional fence options.
A wrought iron gate or fencing is always a good option as we see the many benefits, if you are ready for purchasing yours, Elite Wrought Iron Gates and Fencing is ready to assists you, visit our website to see examples, or feel free to contact us today!

Custom Fabricated Wrought Iron Gates & Fencing

We are the leading Wrought Iron Gates and Fencing company in Riverside.

We custom build and fabricate affordable Wrought Iron Gates in the Inland Empire. We service and install Wrought Iron Fencing in Corona, Lake Elsinore, Chino, Jurupa Valley, Ontario and surrounding areas.

Add a touch of elegance to your Inland Empire home's entry along with an added layer of security. An Ornamental wrought iron entry gate will do just that.

A Decorative Courtyard Entry Wrought Iron Gate will give you that added level of security along with an elegant, vintage look to complement your homes style.

Create a secure, unique and inviting entrance to your home with a Decorative Wrought Iron Driveway Gate or an Ornamental Wrought Iron Entry Gate.

We custom build Wrought Iron Gates & Fencing.

​We can design and build Wrought Iron Gates and Fencing to meet any style, size or budget.

​Some homeowners prefer a Wrought Iron Gate using the old metal working style, and some prefer a Side Yard Wrought Iron Gate made with both wood and metal.

I am sure your neighbors have been waiting for you to replace that old wooden gate on your side yard that is falling apart and upgrade to a new Ornamental Metal Gate.

Still fond of wood? We get it - consider a custom-made wood and wrought iron gate. It makes for a beautiful look and provides longevity as well.
Do you need a RV Gate or Driveway Gate for your property?
We can match a Wrought Iron Entry Gate with a new Wrought Iron Driveway Gate or Wrought Iron RV Gate to add value and security to your property.

A decorative Wrought Iron Gate is affordable and functional for your home’s entry area.

Please contact us to learn more about our Affordable Wrought Iron Gates in the Inland Empire including the areas of Riverside and Moreno Valley.

What to Consider Before Installing Your Wrought Iron RV Gate

Main Gate

Wrought iron RV gates offer the required security and privacy while allowing you to back your RV into your yard easily with plenty of space. But before you purchase your RV gate, there are a few things you should consider.
1.     Gate Size
Gates come in a wide range of sizes, but most are 12 feet wide and made to accommodate fences between 4 and 8 feet tall. Which gives even the largest RVs plenty of room to maneuver. But sometimes, a conventional size gate will not fit correctly into your fencing or space. That’s why a custom gate is your best option since it is designed to accommodate your needs. Just keep in mind that it must be broad enough for your RV to maneuver easily.
2.     Local Codes and Rules
When it comes to RV parking on private property, each city has its own rules. If you live in an HOA-controlled community, the rules may be significantly stricter. Check with the municipal planning office and your HOA to see if there are any restrictions on parking an RV on your property before installing a gate. It is frequently permitted as long as the RV is hidden from views, such as parked behind a fence in a side or rear yard. An HOA may also impose restrictions on gate type and materials, as well as the height of a fence used to enclose a parked RV.
3.     Location
You should think about where you'll install it. It may be hard to maneuver a driveway with an awkward inclination or decline. Also, keep in consideration any hard-to-change landscaping difficulties while deciding where to position the RV gate. Retaining walls and yard constructions are examples of features that can't be simply changed. It's preferable to install the gate so that you can drive straight through it and into your parking area.
You should also think about which way the gate will open. If you place it near a sidewalk or traffic, you may face code enforcement issues or risk damaging your gate if it sticks out into the road.
4.     Single or Double
The standard is a double swinging RV gate. When you're not moving your RV, one side of the gate can be pegged to remain stationary, allowing you to use only one side for pedestrian or lawnmower traffic. Rolling gates for single gates are also available, which simply roll open along the fence line. These are useful in locations where you can't open a double gate due to space limits.
5.     Post Requirements
Strong gate posts can be required due to the size and weight of RV gates. The majority of RV gates are supported by metal posts set in concrete footings. This prevents the posts from shifting under the weight of the gate as it moves. Depending on your location and soil type, the depth of the footings will vary.
Once you have figured out all of these things you are ready to purchase your new Wrought Iron RV Gate, and Elite Wrought Iron Gates is your best option to do it. We can customize it to fit your needs and budget. Visit our website or contact us today!

Ways To Customize Your Wrought Iron Driveway Gate

Wrought Iron Driveway Gates

A wrought iron driveway gate is a perfect addition to any home or property, and one that you will enjoy for many decades to come. Also, when guests approach your home, the first thing they notice is your driveway gate, and you only get one chance to make a good first impression. The best thing is that you can personalize it to your preferences. Here are a few ideas for customizing your wrought iron driveway gate with our company.
Design Styles:
You should install a driveway gate that will complement the design or style of your property, but first, you must understand what you are searching for. With wrought iron, there are a lot of designs styles to choose from.
●        Artistic: The artistic touch can be put in every detail, making these gates stand out from the rest while adding an instant touch of class to any home.
●        Wood: You can go for a rustic, old-world aesthetic by adding wood. Look for smooth and textured woods from design inspirations.
●        Antique Look: To give your house a more romantic air you can add ornate iron with flourishes and capped ends. This provides a sense of vintage and Victorian charm to the scene.
●        Modern: You can install a modern gate with a sleek wrought iron pattern. It is a great option for those who want to have a contemporary look for their home or property
Look for Inspiration:
You could start looking into some of your options on the internet. Our company has a variety of images on our website. You can mix and match them and come up with a new design.


If your entire property has an old-fashioned feel to it, darker colors are a good choice. If not, you have a lot of other options. You can choose a color that complements both the design and the color of your home. You can keep it the same or add some contrast. Furthermore, if you want to increase your privacy, you can select something that will fit in well with the surroundings


Decorative pillars are the best way to greatly improve the appearance of your driveway gate. Gate posts can be left in their original wrought iron to match the rest of the gate, or brick or rocks can be used to give them a rustic character. These can then be decorated with a truly unique touch, such as statuary or ornamentation.

Size and Type

The number of details, shapes, and patterns you can include will, of course, be determined by its size. Don’t forget to make sure that it is not too much. Similarly, the gate you select may impose some limitations, like the swing's direction. Before you start working on the design, make sure to talk to us about these things.
As you can see, your options for customizing your Wrought Iron Driveway Gates are almost limitless with Elite Wrought Iron GatesYou dream it up. We design, fabricate and install it for you. Get your ideal Wrought Iron Driveway Gate. Get Started today!

5 Tips to Maintain your Wrought Iron Side Yard Gates

Wrought Iron Side Yard Gates are a beautiful addition to any home or property. They will not only look great but will also help you increase the value of your property as they will create a ton of prestige, elegance, and status. Though their material is resistant and long-lasting it is essential to maintain it properly to increase its lifespan, which is important because they are a significant investment for your home. Here are 5 tips that will help you with that.

1.     Examine Your Wrought Iron Side Yard Gates
It's as simple as walking around the perimeter of your side yard. Not only will you be able to stretch your legs, but you will also be able to appreciate your yard and ensure that your gates are in good working order.
Although it's a good idea to inspect your side yard gates every few months, it's especially important to do so following any inclement weather. Wrought iron gates are less likely to crack than wooden and vinyl gates, but they can still be damaged by severe weather.

2.     Continue Regular Cleaning
To avoid further damage to your wrought iron side yard gates, remove any substantial debris that has accumulated along the exterior of your gates as soon as possible. After the heavy lifting is completed, it is still necessary to clean and maintain wrought iron gates throughout the year.
Taking the time to clean off your wrought iron side yard gates at the end of each season will ensure its longevity and reduce the likelihood of costly repairs or replacements. Maintaining your gates clean throughout the year will save you money.

3.     Plant Carefully
The beauty of a side yard gate can be enhanced by vines growing on it or flowers planted along the gate line. However, because plants and their maintenance can sometimes cause issues, caution is needed to avoid damage.
If the plants will be in direct contact with the gates, choose annual vines, shrubs, or flowers. Morning glory or black-eyed Susan vines, for example, die back each year, making it easy to access and maintain the gates in between growing seasons. When the plants do not die back, damage to the material can go unnoticed until it is severely rusted.

4.     Removing Rust
If your wrought iron side yard gates develop rust, you'll want to know how to get it off. All you'll need is fine-grit sandpaper or a stiff wire brush if you catch it early enough. These will help you scrub the rust away. You can use commercial rust cleaner after you've scrubbed away any light rust. You can use a wire brush to apply the rust cleaner to your gates by dipping it directly into the rust cleaner.

5.     Repaint the Gates
After you've scrubbed the rust off your side yard gate, paint the affected areas to protect them from moisture and oxygen, both of which cause rust. Also, because the gates are likely to dull if it has faded spots and peeled paint all over, repaint faded spots for aesthetic reasons. Painting projects require knowledge and experience. So, you should consider hiring the assistance of professionals.

These tips will surely help you to increase the lifespan of your wrought iron side yard gates. However, fabrication is key to this, that’s why choosing a good wrought iron contractor is crucial, with Elite Wrought Iron Gates you can rest assured that your side yard gates will last for decades. Contact us today!