Different Types of Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought iron gates are the epitome of Old World beauty. Their timeless appearance and rugged durability have made them a favorite of homeowners for centuries. Though other gates may look similar to wrought iron, they can't provide the same sense of luxury and history. To make your home more attractive, consider investing in wrought iron gates.

Wrought iron is durable. It is one of the most durable materials used in fencing, making it easier to maintain. And because it's heavy, it can be hard to install. But it tends to retain its original appearance for a long time. Here are some types of wrought iron gates that you can add to your home or property.

Privacy Gates and Fences

One of the most popular reasons individuals pick wrought iron fences or gating is for privacy. A commercial metal fence can be used to block off a property's general area, lower visibility around a perimeter, or both.

There are many designs available, depending on the level of privacy desired. Some incorporate hand-forged features that suit the architecture of your home as well as your taste.

Custom Driveway Gates

Driveway gates

Gates are utilized for more than just limiting access to your property; they can also make a statement and draw attention to your home.

While visitors may not be permitted inside, they are welcome to drive by and admire your home. There are many possible styles, ranging from Art Deco to Baroque, so you can always find the ideal driveway gate to match your home's design.

Side Yard Gates

Wrought Iron Side Yard Gates may provide a very charming entrance into a unique area of your yard. The design can be adapted to suit your requirements and tastes. You'd be shocked at how much of a difference side yard gates can make, even if the majority of people don't think about purchasing them. So, if you want to change the appearance of your yard, consider adding wrought iron gates.

Double and Single Gates

A single gate employs just one panel, as the name implies, but a double gate uses two. Aesthetics may play a significant factor in determining what you want for your house.

Double gates will undoubtedly require a lighter duty post and a shorter swing distance behind it, which will reduce the cost of that part. When opening from the center, double gates appear more beautiful and dramatic. However, adding one requires the purchase of additional hardware.

Wrought iron gates add a classic look to any space. And don't forget that they are highly durable. Choosing the correct gates for your property has never been easier with a trusted wrought iron contractor like Elite Wrought Iron Gates.

We can create attractive and sturdy wrought iron gates for your home. From idea through design and production, we will work with you to provide the aesthetics and safety you desire for your property. Contact us today!

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