How Do Wrought Iron Traditional Gates Differ From Modern Gates?

Wrought Iron gates are used to provide privacy and security for a property. They are also used to give your home a sense of identity. If you're at a crossroads with deciding the type of design that suits your personality and tastes, we can help you make up your mind. Many factors decide what makes a design traditional or contemporary, but it's generally the use of geometry and symmetry. Let's see the difference between traditional and modern architecture for your gates.

Wrought Iron Gates CompanyTraditional Gates

It makes it logical that you would desire a design that complements the existing architecture if your home is older and more conventional. Compared to contemporary designs, traditional gate styles are typically more ornate and have more intricate decorations. The term "traditional" refers to gates with more sweeping characteristics like swan neck, lattice topped, or other ornamental wrought iron gates.

Naturally, your personal preferences will also play a role in determining the type of gates you choose, in addition to the design of your home. Georgian patterns, which are more ornamental and popular, can be found in even more contemporary homes. Similarly, all styles with swan neck ornamentation are still in demand even though they would surely be categorized as "traditional" due to their frequent association with homes from the 1930s.

Modern Gates

More simplistic or minimalist gates would be considered "modern" designs. They typically have straight lines, which are frequently referred to as "cleaner," as opposed to being more ornate. Modern gates are unlikely to have curves or decorative elements, and you can anticipate flat tops. If the gate has any designs, they are typically more angular and simpler.

Modern gates seem to look out of place on older residences like Georgian mansions and are best suited for modern structures. Certainly, this depends on personal taste, but regardless of the age of your property, you should think about selecting a style that matches it.

Is it Possible to Combine the Two?

We can design any wrought iron gate because we construct customized ones, and it is quite typical for customers to ask for contemporary styles with a few more classic touches. Our designers are more than willing to provide assistance and go over the available alternatives if you're unclear about what would fit your home.

Let Elite Wrought Iron Custom Gates & Fencing help you find the perfect design for your home! We can design, craft, and install your gates according to your requirements and budget. Give us a call, send us an email, or visit our office. Get started today!

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